Time Rain – vodafone TV advertisment


Since the teaching of philosophy was dropped from the school curriculum, it became the job of advertising campaigns of large industrial companies to provide free philosophical education. So a soft drinks manufacturer is promoting Love, a purveyor of sports apparel gives a lesson in logic (“impossible is nothing”), and a mobile phone company educates on the topic of Time. “You might say it is like striking oil in your garden or finding gold in the loft, except this commodity can’t be bought or sold”. The commodity is time, and the visual image that accompanies the narration is of watches raining from the sky. Time is indeed a commodity, or as Heidegger would say, time is a standing reserve, it is a resource of energy, just like the forest that provides the coal and fiber and the river that moves the turbines. Marx said that the proletariat had in his disposal its physical labor, which could be traded in the capitalist marketplace. In our time of outsourcing and offshoring labor is done by others, in far away places. There is no demand for our physical powers, our time is the one commodity we can still hope to sell. It matters little if you are good at your job, as long as you are on time every day. Time is the commodity of prisoners and slaves, i.e. of those who pay with their time, and the mobile phone company targets its audience with the precision of a Swiss watch: We are promised more time by the advertiser because from now on we can have access to the Internet on the mobile phone. Our joy at being given extra time is akin to the joy of the prisoner who is given extra time to serve behind bars.


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