Train driver’s view


We are all diarists now, but all our diaries are different. Video clips of tube train journeys from the point of view of the driver posted on youtube, are more than a clever pun. In a culture that encourages exhibitionism through consumption, it is the private life that is expected to be paraded, while the work life required to be veiled in secrecy. Train driver’s view is a work diary that records the facts of making a living; what is on display here is not the banality of perversion but the depth of the ultra-ordinary. Unlike doctors, journalists and police detectives, train drivers don’t get a chance to see their work life docu–dramatised for the television, because unless there is an accident, their work is not considered news worthy or interesting. They therefore star in their own reality show, the reality of making ends meet by traveling from A to B.
The train driver reverses the idolizing gaze of the bystander by preempting the possessive excitement of the trainspotter, for whom the inaccessible mystery of his fetish is major part of the attraction. And for everyone else the train drivers view is a reminder of the cameraphone pictures of modern calamities: bombs on the train or man on the track.


One Response to Train driver’s view

  1. guychoo says:

    On contrary to common belief, manual labor makes us more sensitive. Only after making hundreds cups of coffee, one can smell the rose blooming in one single espresso.

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