peepshow exhibition

In partnership with the Lisbon-based Voyeur Project View gallery, da gallery -the digital art gallery at the London South Bank University- will be transformed into a digital peepshow for two weeks from September 25th.
Today peep show is mostly associated with the entertainment industry, but the beginnings of the peep show mechanism can be traced back to the work of Leon Battista Alberti (1437) and Filippo Brunelleschi (1418-20), Renaissance painters that started using the device of a box with an “eye” to present miniature scenes painted and /or built in perspective, as well as to Martin Engelbrecht (1730), author of peepshow miniature theatres for children, and Edison (1896), who launched the kinetoscope peep show, the first machine to bridge photography, film and peep show.

The project, an initiative of Rodrigo Vilhena with Paula Roush and the participants in the Photographic Art project of the Digital Photography program at the London South Bank University, is developed with a focus on screen-based work engaging with the themes of voyeurism, peep show, surveillance, and the gaze. Whilst the exhibition in the Voyeur Project View in Lisbon is shown in a series of display mechanisms purposefully built to simulate a peepshow effect, the exhibition in the da gallery in London will screen the video works as a running program.


Kate Anthony, Helene Ohman, Karel Polt, Sindy Pussa, Aga Wierzbicka, Shea Rico, Paul Lincoln, Daniel Neves, Georgi Manolov, Alastair Sanchez, Jasmine Blatt, Thomas Evans, MJ Gumayagay, Liz Aspden, Natalie Cheung, Nicola Goodban, Jessica Kril, Nicola Penfold, Parveen Sahota, Lee Slaymaker, Mark Westlake.

Exhibition spaces
Voyeur Project View
Opening: Thursday, 18th 10pm-midnight
Show runs until october 19 2008
Address:Travessa do Convento de Jesus 12a -16a, Lisbon 1200-126

da gallery, the digital art gallery at the London South Bank University
103 Borough Road, London SE1 0AA.
Opening: Thursday, 25th 6p-9pm
Show runs until october 10th 2008

part of the in-struhk-shuhn programme: facebook event page

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