Orphan pictures: abandoned photographs, re-enacted memories and other historical mishaps

An exhibition about artistic strategies that explore historical methods in the work with photographic archives.

The works in the exhibition examine varied strategies to work with photographic archives, from performative re-enactments of historical events, to appropriations of the conventions of the archive and the performative restaging of the subject that result from a critical re-appraisal of concrete archival material.

A project by paula roush with Paul Richards, David Lewis, Chris Packham and the participants in the miniarchive project: William Thomas Ainsworth, Louise Bargus, Rebecca Prideaux, Brogan Watt, Ieashia Savannah Sealy-Jewiss, Sara Pintado, Valeria Gaeta, Laura-Sophie Voss, Louise Ann Stevens, Melissa Kasilian, Ida Maria Stigaard Nielsen, Daniella Fedele, Martyn Odell, Liam Mulligan, Bradley Chippington, Thomas Valentine, Alexia-Alkmini Michalos, Carlotta Paolieri, Joshua Murray, Amy Bolland.

May 16-23, 2011 (Monday–Friday, 11AM–6PM)
Reception: Monday, May 16, 4­7 PM
London South Bank University
Digital Art Gallery
103 Ground floor Borough Road
and Mezzanine Gallery
K1 Building Keyworth Street
London SE10AA

A seven weeks practice research project developed in response to a series of 3 lectures
1-photography and reenactment

2-found photographies and archives

3-artists responses to institutional archives


BA (Hons) Digital Photography

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