2 May, 2007


A photographic project based on participation and the mashup of technologies, from camera photography, to blogs and gps and an online base at, at the Leeds Met Gallery from 14 to 7 May 2007. In the image, the enactement of these instructions left on the blog: Walk on streets that spell “LEEDS”. Start on a street that begins with “L”, then go to the nearest street that begins with “E”, and so on. Carry big placards so people know which letter you’re on. Video these actions.


photographers’ blogs that I heart

25 April, 2007

Richard Renaldi’s Figure and Ground at Conscientious

Photographers’ blogs that I heart, has to be, number one: Conscientious by Jörg Colberg, Pittsburgh-based astrophysicist and photographer. Found him when searching for August Sander’s images and came across a conversation with Richard Renaldi about his work and book Figure and Ground. Some of the very useful categories in his blog if you want to think photogeographically include: Contemporary Chinese Photography, Contemporary European Photography, Contemporary German Photography, Contemporary Photographers and the best: Conversations, where text dominates but its worth it as these are conversations with the photographers themselves