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BA (Hons) Digital Photography at London South Bank University

What is it?

BA Honours Digital Photography is a unique undergraduate course that combines practical and critical study of digital photography with a strong emphasis on new technologies and new media. BA Honours Digital Photography is one of the pathways offered by the department of Arts, Media and English.

Mission Statement

  • Develop individual professional and creative practice underpinned by critical understanding of the medium of photography.
  • Examine current and historical photographic practices.
  • Understand critical and cultural frameworks surrounding digital photography and media.
  • Acquire knowledge of working practices.
  • Acquire experience in using professional photographic equipment.
  • Gain relevant business management knowledge and skills
  • Acquire the skills to take up jobs within the photographic industry on graduation.


The aim of Digital Photography course is to provide you, the student, with all the tools necessary to become an expert in the new and exciting field of digital photography. During this course you will acquire a thorough knowledge of the technologies involved in the production of digital images, you will work on projects that will require both technical and creative skills and you will examine the role of photography in various multimedia environments. You will also learn about other areas of media studies, such as video, writing, hypermedia and digital art.

The course has been specifically designed to provide knowledge and understanding of the skills in subjects that are fundamental to a successful career in the area of photography.

The face of photography is changing. Anyone with a passion for photography will notice digital photography rapidly becoming one of the dominant forces that shape contemporary society. Demand for quality photographic work was never greater, as our culture becomes increasingly dominated by visual images. Wide range of career opportunities in emerging medium of digital photography are available for those who are excited about visual culture, have the required technical skills and possess an understanding of contemporary media. Only in the last couple of years we saw how mobile phone cameras gave rise to “citizen journalism”, allowing bystanders to compete with professionals in photographing and reporting news events while at the same time the Internet provides numerous opportunities for professionals and amateurs to exhibit and share their photographic images. All this alongside even greater demand for trained professionals who are able to use photography in various multimedia environments such as web design, video editing, publishing and advertising. BA Honours Digital Photography aims to equip students with the most up to date skills required for professional and creative engagement with the medium of photography.

Course Details

What will I learn?

As a student on the BA Honours in digital photography you will acquire solid knowledge of contemporary photographic practice, develop your creative skills and gain understanding of contemporary media. This 3 year, full time degree will develop your skills and abilities in all aspects of digital imaging; from expertise in photoshop and professional digital camera systems to building photographic websites, digital slideshows and interactive photography. While maintaining sharp focus on the latest in digital imaging, the course also aims to develop critical tools for thinking about the role of photography within contemporary media.

In common with other pathways in the Department of Arts and Media, the programme offers core media and critical studies, as well as personal and professional development. In addition you will have an opportunity to gain work experience through collaborative projects and work-based learning.

Course structure

Year 1.

This year is given to acquiring the essential skills for engagement with digital photography. You will become familiar with various camera systems, lighting, studio and location work. You will also build working knowledge of photoshop and other essential software. Throughout the year you will work on a series of progressively challenging briefs that will require you to combine photographic skills with independent research and project development. Each brief will require you to utilize new technical skills and to examine fresh ways of presenting your work.

In the core theory and contextual studies units you will develop understanding of the history of photography and of other media, and will examine various approaches to understanding contemporary media.

Year 2.

During this year you will develop an individual approach to photographic practice through research and experimentation. Through a series of master-classes you will acquire professional photoshop skills that will allow you to work in such areas of digital photography as retouching, compositing, illustration and colour management. In addition you will learn about new and developing areas of photography such as databases and interactivity. You will learn to work with high-end equipment such as medium format and large format cameras and you will gain practical experience in both commercial and creative areas of photographic practice.

During this year you will engage in several group projects and will work on independent briefs that will form the basis of your portfolio on graduation.

In the core theory units you will engage with advanced media studies covering such topics as the construction of the real, memory and identity.

Year 3.

This year is centered on bringing your creative and technical skills up to a level expected from a professional practitioner. You will be required to demonstrate your level of proficiency through developing an advanced independent project in an area of photography of your choice, and your critical studies will culminate in writing a dissertation. All third year students are expected to participate in the graduation show at the end of their studies.


Most of your studies will take place at the new Keyworth centre which hosts our photography studios, digital media labs and printing and scanning rooms. The Apple Mac labs are equipped with the latest software and hardware, large format printing facilities and professional scanners.

Further Information

For further information on this course, please contact the Course Director, Mr Daniel Rubinstein,
tel: +44 (0)20 7815 5812

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