MOOSE at lsbu

This is a paid opportunity for 2nd year digital photography students to participate in the project MOOSE and learn more about photographic practices in Second Life.

Moose or The MOdelling Of Secondlife Environments at the London South Bank University (lsbu) is a cutting-edge research study exploring the concepts and tools of photographic representation within the medium of online 3-D Multi User Virtual Environments (3-D MUVEs).
The 3-D MUVE chosen for the MOOSE project is Second Life. The University of Leicester has recently opened up its Media Zoo island in Second Life. The Zoo space is a pleasant and creative environment specifically set up for enabling small group work for students and staff.
You will learn about the latest media tools in immersive virtual worlds (Second Life), extend your digital photography practice, create new images for portfolio and gain insight into online research that might be useful for future research/dissertation project.


The time and commitment to attend three 2-hour group sessions in the media lab and participate in two individual interviews (first one up to 30 minutes, second one up to an hour).

Both group sessions and interviews take place at LSBU (Faraday wing, Southwark campus.)

Total time commitment expected from you: up to 8 hours over the month of October


Group media lab sessions
3 sessions of 2 hours each, of photographic practice in SL
wednesday 8th Oct, 2-4pm
wednesday 15th Oct  2-4pm
wednesday 22th Oct  2-4pm

Individual interviews
Two individual interviews, before and after working in SL (to arrange at your convenience
The week of 15th October Mon-Fri am or pm
The week of the 29th October Mon-Fri am or pm
Training/ Support /Interview
The core staff group consists of Matthew Wheeler and Ming Nie from the University of Leicester, and Paula Roush from the London South Bank University.

Contact Paula to register interest as soon as possible as places are limited

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