Student Work

Peter Darch: Putting on the mask. “The photographs are a series of five showing various beautification rituals. They are techniques that are traditionally thought of as being feminine activities but are here performed by a man: myself.”

Site-specific photographic projects for Elephant & Castle. Thinking of ways to improve people’s lives and rescue the space and its users from the urban troubles it is facing now: the re-settlement of the council estate residents, the loneliness of the urban dwellers, the homelessness of street beggars, the ugliness of the crossroads, the high pollution levels, the dehumanising architectural features, the controversial shopping centre… Together the photocultures research group explored how photography can be used as a bridge between the public history of a place and the urban future of the city. Using utopian services and scenarios, the group examined photo-participatory practices as models of engagement with the social and the communities.

John Brown: paradise lost
Paradise Lost consists in creating a paradox of environments to remind people who cannot escape this urban world that there is another. Spatial awareness is provoked through the sculpting of a sand castle, evoking an opposition to the urban space they become so anesthetised to. The image of the beach refers the Situationists quote “Under every pavement, the beach.” Project’s blog:

Jens Poloczek: elephant new castle
An intervention based on the stencil technique. Sending out a message with an image and therefore changing the space and also re-conditioning the situation. “Elephant New Castle” holds a young elephant behind a bar code. The bar code is iconic for the commercial value and is jen’s interpretation of the new age from this side of town. The aim is to raise the awareness of the effects of the Elephant & Castle redevelopment.

Ala Sokolowska and Jennie Rosberg: Elephant Story Project
Ala and Jennie’s intention was to document the attitude of the local businesses to the planned regeneration of the area. They chose to focus on the Elephant and Castle shopping centre because it is home to a variety of small businesses that now face an uncertain future due to its planned demolition. The work- consisting of photographs and audio recordings – is installed in Tlon Books in the Elephant and Castle shopping centre. More information can be found on:

Minette du Plessis: food for thought

Cultural diversity can enrich a community by creating variety in language, food, art, tradition and beliefs. However, there are people who oppose cultural diversity because they feel their own culture or identity is being threatened. Minette’s strategy of intervening was to make the community aware of the benefits of living in such a diverse society, by making them consider the ways in which our lives are enhanced as a result of multiculturalism. She approached this tactic via producing a site-specific photo installation showing images of raw food. She started out by taking close-up photographs of raw food around the East Street market area (as it’s considered extremely popular by the community for buying fresh food). Later she transformed herself into an installation, thus becoming a performing box. click the image or follow the link to browse the archive of global food available in the area.

Sousveillance by Sandra Madiot. An intervention combinining two concepts: drifting and sousveilance. Sandra realised her drifting was observed and mapped through CCTV cameras wherever she went. In a gesture of sousveillance she decided to map the CCTVs and vlog it in youtube. More info:

Elephant & Castle by Zara Davis. Vlogging from Elephant Castle, mashihg the historical with the future, sourcing from local archives, personal photography, architectural imagery to propose an unruly map of an unpredictable reconstruction. More info:

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